Le Moulin de la Boubierre

Le Moulin de la Boubierre


Price Range:
£1001 per week

Description of Gite / B&B / Hotel:
Le Moulin (in the Charante – South west France) lies in a tranquil
valley surrounded by green fields and woodland, the meandering river
in the summer flows over the banks and fills the surrounding fields on
one side and our own water meadow lawn on the other side.
There is a feeling of isolation at the mill as not a single house can
be seen from its grounds which about 5 hectres of garden, woodland,
river, mill stream (including small waterfalls depending on rainfall.)

This residence would also make a wonderful wedding venue. We have the
land to put a Marquee up, also enough sleeping arrangements for
20-24.The woodland, river and bridges would make magical backdrop for
Photographs. When you look at the price this is for the group not per
person example the price is £1001 a week and you divide this as too
how many people are going.
in renting Moulin you not only get the house as your private abode for
the length of time you are visiting but you also get in the price the
2 Giites
House:- Consists of 2 double sofa beds3 Kingsize beds1 Double bed 2
bathrooms ( Shower,bath and toilet.)
GITE 1 (Ganders Rereat)1 double bed 1 day bed 1 double sofa bed shower
GITE 2 (Mill Wheel House)1 double bed day beds Bathroom (shower, Bath
and toilet.)
i am also in the process of buying single cot beds which are a single
bed but can look like a couch

.Are you an artist do you enjoy painting landscapes? Then Le Moulin is
for you
.Do you enjoy reading and need the peace to loose yourself in a book?
Does the idea of sitting down at lunch time with a glass of wine,
pate, cheeses and french bread on a sunny balcony looking at the woods
and fields and listening to the animals and occasional stroller in
other words living the lifestyle of the french then come visit us
.Are you a fisherman and enjoy fishing in the lakes surrounding Le
Moulin then come and make your base with us.
If you are looking for a venue for a workshop ,Jewellery, Art,
Embroidery, Knitting, Book reading club,French lessons, team building

.Bikes are available to ride around the countryside.Le Moulin is a
place i cannot give full credit to in words it is a place that you
have to visit and feel so come visit and see us. You will sit out side
of an evening just staring up at the sky because there are no street
lights you will be amazed at how bright they shine, also bring a star
book so you can name them or maybe you know them

.Le Moulin can make you feel like you have stepped back into the
Victorian era have tea, sandwiches,and cake on the lawn play croquet
and archery pull out a large Drafts game and let the afternoon slip
by. Just come and feel all your tensions and worries slip away,But
mostly go to Le Moulin and have a holiday to remember.Le Moulin is a
beautiful wonderful place to visit for adults (teenagers) may find it
a little boring. I have put a games room in for them this consists of
a P.S.P, jigsaws. There is also a small row boat which you can row up
and down the river there is also a canoe which will go in the river,
there is an Archery set for either left handed or right handed person.
(THIS MUST BE SUPERVISED BY AN ADULT)I must state that Moulin is in a
very rural position although very beautiful expect all the country
life and wildlife to be around you. Within a 40-45 minute drive there
is the city Anguoleme which has lots of facility’s.

Although rural you and your family can have a wonderful time getting
to know one another again.

Moulin is a place to go and leave the rest of the world behind you and
recharge your batteries.

Car is needed.

Watch nature, see the occasional deer see the fish in the river, watch
kingfishers dive, Buzzards soar.

When i go to Moulin even when i go to work and get my home ready for
you, Moulin is a magical place where worries,troubles, stress of work
is left behind.

House and gardens large enough for children to scream shout and run
around. While you enjoy pate, cheese and wine.

Rivers run through and around the house.


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holiday lettings Cellefrouin Mansle France


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