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Places to visit in 2017 – Lyon

Founded by the Romans in the first century BC, Lyon has played an important role in the religious and political development of Europe over many centuries. Initially known as Lugdunum, the town’s archbishop was named Primate of the Gauls and several popes were crowned here. Trade in spices and silk […]

Best French Beaches

French beaches are among the most popular destinations in Europe. While most would argue that the best beaches in France are found along the Cote d’Azur, also known as the French Riviera, along the southern coast of the country, there are other destinations in France that also boast interesting beaches, […]

French language course reviews

WHAT’S THE BEST WAY TO LEARN FRENCH? Of all the language-learning products I’ve tried, Rocket French is in my opinion the most well-balanced, well thought through of them all. The heart of the course is an “interactive audio course” which is similar to other audio courses with the idea that […]

The five best translation apps for travellers

Donald Strachan from the telegraph Machine translation is hard. Fluent speakers sometimes spot howlers, and there are subtleties and nuances that even powerful computers cannot fathom— yet. But online and app-based translation is also getting better. Last December, Skype demonstrated a tool to enable live, instant English to Spanish translation on […]

Optimise your Photos

Visit the online service now    This is a nice simple website where you can reduce the size of your photos by 75% so they will load quicker in our galleries and in your advert / listing … select 600 or 800 pixel width and 60% compression.