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Places to visit in France in 2017 – Carcassonne

Carcassonne – A tale of two Languedoc towns When most people think of ‘Carcassonne’, they think of the massive medieval citadel sitting on the hill overlooking the ‘new town’ of Carcassonne. It’s no wonder the castle dominates the town in people’s minds – it is France’s second-most visited tourist spot […]

5 things I wish I knew before going to France

It‘s not leading the pack in regards to Adventure Travel or Voluntourism, but if you‘re looking for an unparalleled experience into the arts, food or a general appreciation for quality of life, France is not to be missed. If France has anything, it has a reputation. Depending on you who […]

Vogue Summer Reading List: Thrillers by Violet Henderson

More summer reading from Vogue …… Since it began, with an anarchist plan in 1915 as imagined by John Buchan in his 39 Steps, the literary thriller has never not been in fashion. After all, it’s jeopardy that makes the reader turn a page, and this literary genre has that […]