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Angouleme – The Comic Strip Capital

In January 1974 the international comic strip festival started, and now the artistry can be seen throughout the City. Whilst in September the International Circuit des Remparts is a must for fans of vintage cars. The heritage of Angouleme, is second to none with Renaissance and Romanesque architecture and museums […]

Cognac & The Distilleries

Cognac is renowned for its architecture, fine dining and of course; its wonderful distilleries. There are many who offer guided tours so the choice is yours. The town’s medieval quarter “Vieux Cognac” runs from the Tours Saint-Jacques, alongside the river, up to the Saint-Léger church. The area contains many unusual […]

Musée de la vie rurale et de la coiffe

Wander back through time in a 15th century priory. Discover the everyday objects and lifestyle of the rural past in 7 exhibition rooms: a 19th century farmhouse kitchen, basketwork workshop, a fascinating display of regional headdresses and costumes, embroidery exhibition, the bakery, the laundry room and the barn with its […]

Ile d’Yeu

  The island of Yeu, which became a permanent island around 5000 BC, concentrates in just 23 km2 a diversity of landscapes. long sandy beaches and dunes held with the help of coniferous woods ; a wild coast with its proud cliffs, embracing golden sandy coves ; barren moors where sea […]

Royan – Places to visit in France in 2017

Royan has a long history as a seaside resort and benefits from a micro-climate on a par with the Mediterranean coast. It was one of the very first resorts in France to arise from the newly discovered fashion for sea-bathing at the start of the 20th century. Today it remains […]

Places to visit in France in 2017 – Nice

France’s second most popular tourist destination after Paris, Nice is renowned for its balmy climate and spectacular setting between the Mediterranean coast and the mountains to the north. Located just 30km away from the Italian border, the city has changed hands several times down the years and was last annexed […]

Introducing Cannes – The South of France

As you walk among the couture shops and palaces of La Croisette, the wealth and glamour of it all cannot fail to impress: admiring Ferraris and Porsches cruising by and celebrity spotting on the glitzy sunlounger-striped beaches and liner-sized yachts moored at the port are hot Cannes pastimes. Whether Cannes’ […]

Christmas Destinations – Disneyland Paris

Following the success of Walt Disney World in Florida, plans to build a similar theme park in Europe emerged in 1972. Under the leadership of E. Cardon Walker, Tokyo Disneyland opened in 1983 in Japan with instant success, forming a catalyst for international expansion. In late 1984 the heads of Disney’s theme park division, Dick Nunis and Jim Cora, presented a list of approximately 1,200 possible European locations for the park. By March 1985, the number of possible locations for the park had been reduced to four; two in France and two in Spain. Both nations saw the potential economic advantages of a Disney theme park and offered competing financing deals to Disney.

10 of the best restaurants in Bordeaux

A new wave of chefs has swept into Bordeaux, propelling the city’s restaurants up France’s culinary pecking order. And they’re serving up at decent prices too   Bordeaux may be the world’s capital of wine, but until recently the city’s restaurant scene had always been lacklustre compared with other French […]

Places to Visit in France – Futuroscope “Taster video”

Plongez dans l’atmosphère fun, festive et familiale du Futuroscope ! Nouveau en 2016, parmi d’autres surprises : enfilez votre peau de bête et venez rire en famille avec les héros de L’Age de Glace, l’attraction et, à la nuit tombée, vivez une soirée magique avec La Forge aux Etoiles, l’aquaféerie […]

The Most Beautiful Places in France

The Most Beautiful Places in France If you’re wondering where to go in France, there are no shortage of options—whether you want stunning cities, beautiful beaches, world-class skiing, or even fairytale castles. It’s a country that offers a bit of everything, and these 20 spots are its absolute gems. Read […]

lambon lake

The Base Recreation and the outdoor lambon (Deux-Sèvres) invites you to discover its many outdoor activities as well as relaxation. Discover and enjoy water sports , climbing activities and all other sporting activities available to you: fun and sports activities for all! GPS: 46 ° 18’1.273 “N / 0 ° […]

Paris – Places to go in France in 2017

Paris, the world’s most popular city destination, has plenty of must-see places but make sure you spend at least a day strolling off the beaten path, as this is the only way to discover the real Paris: a lively cosmopolitan but undeniably French city. The center of Paris is divided […]

Where to Eat in Bordeaux: 10 Local Restaurants You Will Love

Lying in the South West of France in the world’s most highly revered wine-growing region, Bordeaux features on the world’s best wine lists. Steeped in history and culture, local cuisine ranges from foie gras and truffles to ripened cheese and Atlantic seafood. Bordeaux is a sheer haven for food and […]

Fouras – Places to go in France in 2017

Fouras is on a peninsula. It is bordered by five beaches and a forest named “Bois Vert” (“Green Wood” in English) which covers 20% of its area. It extends into a roadway to discover tide to the low Fort Enet in the direction of the Île-d’Aix. The pier for the island of Aix is also located in the […]

Futuroscope – Places to visit in France in 2017

Futuroscope is the ideal place to relax in, with 60 hectares of tranquil green countryside and 25 original experiences you won’t find anywhere else!
Absorb the fantastic, fun and fairy-tale Futuroscope atmosphere with over 25 original experienceswaiting for you in our stunning attraction theatres, as heart-thumping adventures, outrageous thrills, mind-blowing journeys, the fairy-tale evening show and fascinating attractions deliver delights to suit all tastes and ages: films in giant format, thrill-filled attractions, 3D rides with 4D effects, games, live shows, open-air activities, and more….

Puy du fou – Places to visit in France in 2017

For 2016 – The Puy du Fou has never seen anything so big! An incredible show room will emerge from the ground, to give rise to a new original creation at the Puy du Fou: Le Dernier Panache Follow the glorious destiny of a French naval officer, a hero from the American War of Independence, whose life will change dramatically in 1793, in a last fight for freedom!

Marais Poitevin, a little green paradise! – Places to visit in 2017

  The Marais Poitevin, also called ‘Green Venice’, is the second largest wetland in France after the Camargue. The canals, which meander and cut through meadows and light woodland are covered in duckweed and hence it’s alternative name. Once the Gulf of Pictons, it’s origins date back to glacial activity […]

Ile de Ré – Places to visit in France in 2017

Ile de Ré variously spelled Rhé, Rhéa or Rhea; in English Isle of Rhé) is an island off the west coast of France near La Rochelle, on the northern side of the Pertuis d’Antioche strait. The island’s highest point has an elevation of 20 metres; the island is 30 kilometres […]