Registering your Gite with the Mairie

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I quote …”I thought I’d best issue a note of warning to owners of gites and holiday rentals in France today, pointing out a little bureaucratic requirement that might have passed you by – and will perhaps end up costing you money if you do nothing.

I have no idea how many people know about the rule, but better to be sure…

A quiet little law passed in France at the end of last year said “Selon l’article L. 324-1-1 et D. 324-1-1 du code du tourisme, toute personne qui offre à la location un meublé de tourisme doit en avoir préalablement fait la déclaration auprès du maire de la commune où est situé le meublé.”

Translated this means ‘according to [article…] of the tourism code, anyone offering furnished accommodation to tourists must make a declaration to the maire in the commune where the property is situated.

Why? Who knows! Presumably so that 500 tourist officers and tax inspectors can keep their Kafkaesque jobs typing our details into computers, filling out forms, and calculating which communes have the most holiday rental properties.

There are currently tax breaks that are enjoyed by gites and holiday rentals (eg deductible costs of 70% rather than 50% and a much higher income allowance c.70k euros instead of 32k euros) and it seems possible these will only be available in the future if you have filled in the forms, given them to your mairie and kept the signed receipt they will give you in return. So ignore it at your peril!

I might have expected our maire to know about this and to let us know. We have been payingTaxe de Sejour for years and they know very well that we have gites (Taxe de Sejour is a ludicrous tax imposed on us because we allow paying outsiders to stay at our property). In factthe mairie hasn’t told us, we  found out informally ourselves,  which is why I’m mentioning it here in case other maires have also kept it to themselves.

If you know anyone with holiday rentals in France please let them know!

Note: if this applies to you you can get the form, called ‘Déclaration en mairie de location d’un meublé de tourisme: Formulaire Cerfa n°14004*01’ from download / print out the form, which also has a second page for the maire to sign and stamp and give back to you.”

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