What changes does July 1 bring in France ?

THE END of plastic bags in shops, new obligations for sites like Airbnb and a ban on high-emission vehicles from Paris are key measures which come into force today, July 1.

Plastic bags
Single use plastic bags are disappearing from supermarkets, boulangeries, garages and markets. From January 2017 even the plastic bags you use to weigh vegetables will be going, replaced by bags that are made out of biodegradable material.

Ban on polluting cars in Paris
Cars registered before January 1 1997 and motorbikes registered before 1999 will be banned from Paris city centre during the week from 08.00-20.000. The measure will affect some 10,000 vehicles out of the 600,000 driving through Paris every day.

Emissions stickers
From today new stickers that indicate a vehicle’s emission status become available. There are six categories available, based on the size and age of the vehicle, ranging from new zero-emission electric cars to HGVs. The system is voluntary for the moment and the stickers will be used to help local authorities organise policies to reduce air pollution, such as allowing free parking for zero emission cars, or banning high-emission vehicles. You can order your sticker for €4.50 from the site www.certificat-air.gouv.fr.

Collaborative web platforms
From today sites like Airbnb and Drivy must send out a bill to users showing them their annual income through the site. The bills will go out in January although the law comes into force today. The sites themselves are under no obligation to report the income to the authorities, that rests with the users who must decide whether it is at a declarable level or not.

Paris: Sunday opening
This Sunday the first large retailer is allowed to open their doors in Paris, to take advantage of new Sunday trading laws. Since the loi Macron was passed in 2015 negotiations have been underway to take advantage of the relaxed rules on Sunday opening hours in areas deemed tourist hotspots (Zones touristiques internationales). On July 3, tThe fashion stores BHV-Marais will be the first to open for business.

After making contraception free to girls aged 15-18, it will now be possible for all young people of that age to organise anonymous medical appointments, consultations and prescriptions for contraception without paying and anonymously.

Health cover
People whose healthcare is 100% covered by social security, eg. pregnant women, will no longer have to pay fees up front. For others in the system this method will be rolled out from January 2017 and mandatory from November 30, 2017

Unemployment benefit
Unlike previous years, there will be no revaluations of unemployment benefit on July 1.

Public sector salaries
After six years of pay freezes, the base level on which public sector salaries are determined will rise 0.6% today. It is also due a further rise of 0.6% on February 1, 2017.

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