Chaffinch Haven. Havre des Pinsons


Price Range:
300 – 675€
4 bedrooms. 1)Double bed ensuite shower and WC
2) Single bed with basin. 3)Double and single bed. 4) downstairs 4
poster bed.
Bathroom upstairs. separate WC. Downstairs further WC and bidet.
Kitchen/dining room. Living room. Garden with chairs and table.
9km to St Cecile beach a beautiful beach with dunes for the children
to play on.
Easy drive from Calais 30 miles. 45 minutes. Lovely safe area. Lots to
do and see in the area. Numerous golf courses within 15 to 50 minute
drive. Amusement park, Adventure area, tree climbing on ropes aged 2
to adult. History. Lovely restaurants.
Please ask me for full details and ensure I have your correct
telephone number so I can ring you. I do not take any bookings without
personally speaking to you.


Your website address:

Disabled Friendly (Yes / No):
There is a bedroom downstairs but steps to get into the garden and the
When you contact me I will send full details and you can ask me any

Tags / Features (Please tick what you want to be included in):
* Non-Smoking * Biker friendly * Secure parking * Short Stays
Possible * Cots & Highchairs

Address of Gite:
Havre de Pinsons. Rue du Pasteur

Gite Owners Address:
4 Rue Pasteur. 62630

Region of France:
Nord Pas-de-Calais

Contact phone number :
0033 321 83 04 80



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