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Of all the language-learning products I’ve tried, Rocket French is in my opinion the most well-balanced, well thought through of them all. The heart of the course is an “interactive audio course” which is similar to other audio courses with the idea that it teaches through conversations, and through repetition. Where Rocket French differs, though, is that the lessons are actually interesting, and often rather funny.

Each lesson is around twenty minutes long, which allows me to knock one lesson off on my way to work. The audio is clear, and the lessons teach you practical language skills like booking a hotel room — and even flirting! — while still giving you a good grounding in grammar.

Beyond the audio lessons, there’s also a well-constructed grammar course (with audio), and software games to practice those skills. You can record yourself for instant feedback on your pronunciation — really important when you’re self-teaching. It improves your listening comprehension, speaking, reading and writing skills, so you end up with full fluency… rather than just a few phrases stuffed up your sleeve.

Best of all, it caters to all learning styles, and compared with the other offerings out there it is very good value for money.


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