La Butte

La Butte

up to 12

Price Range:
£800 to £1250 pw

La Butte is a family friendly fishing lake with excellent
accommodation. Set among acres of rolling meadow lands, leading down
to the magnificent 2-acre private fishing lake, La Butte should be
firmly placed at the top of your list if you need a family fishing
holiday in France like never before! Stroll around the grounds – all
8 acres of them exclusively yours..The lake at La Butte is man-made,
carved from the clay and fed by three natural springs. Therefore, La
Butte doesn’t suffer from the droughts that affect many other
fisheries or fishing holidays in the area.Butte has been transformed
by local French and English traditional craftsmen over a period of
three years, resulting in a high end specification, 5/6-bedroomed
family holiday home. La Butte is fully equipped with everything you
need to truly call the house a ‘home from home’.


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La Basse Piece
49390 Mouliherne

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