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Advanced listing submission

1: First create your account :

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Next fill in the top form with your basic details and press submit, then fill out the bottom form which is your main advert text that will appear below your featured photo and above your gallery.


2: Register details about your gite

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3:The main text of your listing

Please Note: Post Title = “Name of your Gite / Destination”  and Category = “User submitted listing””





4:Photo Uploading

To upload your photos, you can have up to 8, please name your photo files if you can to that of your gite name e.g. (mygite01.jpg, mygite02.jpg) and use this page to send them to us.

You dont need to select a folder it is already selected for you as “Gite Photos”  just fill in your name, email address and name of your Gite / Establishment, “Drag & Drop” your files into the white area at the bottom of the form or press the grey button to select them, you can drag them one by one or select them one by one, when you have them all in the list click “start file upload” and watch the progress bars as they upload.


 We will email you when your new listing on our site is live, thank you for your support